Saturday, September 3, 2016

Kingston Transit Bus Services

Kingston Transit Bus service runs from roughly 8am - 8pm on Sundays and Holidays. This will be the case for Sunday Sept. 4 and Monday Sept. 5.

On Sunday Sept. 4 bus stops within Queen's Campus will not be running due to the traffic of Residence Move-in between the hours of 8am and roughly 5pm. You can find the detour routes for any buses that typically run through campus here (please scroll down to Sept 4):…/transit/service-alerts

If you are running late due to traffic/transit issues on Sunday Sept. 4, please do not worry about missing registration as we will be in Bartlett Gym (in the PEC, 69 Union Street) for the better part of the afternoon (2:30pm-6:30pm).

If you need to leave events early on Sunday Sept. 4 or Monday Sept. 5 in order to catch buses home that is totally fine and Landlords/Execs will help you out if need be.

Link to Kingston Bus Schedules:…/transit/bus-schedules

Link to Kingston Transit Trip Planner* (basically run through Google Maps so you can easily plan a trip on your phone):

*Kingston Trip Planner/Google Maps may not accommodate for service changes (ie. Sept. 4) when you try to plan a trip so please consult the detour service maps

Friday, September 2, 2016

Location is Key


Wondering where you're supposed to show up for the party? Sign-in and meet-and-greet on Sunday, September 4th will be held in BARTLETT GYM located inside the PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION CENTRE (PEC). There will be direction signs posted on the walls inside the PEC to lead you to Bartlett Gym.

This gym will be used as our main meeting spot each morning throughout Orientation Week, and students will be informed at the end of each day where to meet the next morning (in case the meeting spot changes).


Here's a Map so you can find your way!