Monday, February 2, 2015


Congratulations to you, the incoming class of 2020, on your acceptance to Queen’s University. We're very happy to have you with us as fellow students and of course, as FYNIRS!
FYNIRS (First Year Not In Residence Students) is an organization whose purpose is to provide a social network for students who have made the decision to live off-campus in their first year at Queen’s University, and to help ease the transition into university life.
First year at university can be an exciting time, however by choosing not to live in residence, you are missing the instantaneous social and support structure that students living in residence experience.
FYNIRS aims to fix that by providing not only an orientation solely for incoming students choosing not to live in residence, to rival that of residence’s own orientation week, but also by providing a social network throughout first year and beyond.
FYNIRS is a community that provides support even after Frosh Week. We have monthly events for all FYNIRS (past and present) to attend, such as movie nights, karaoke, rock climbing, pot-lucks and more. We also have a drop-in center on campus called the Lounge for FYNIRS to hang out in between classes. It is a safe-space for students to interact in. The Lounge is located on the 3rd floor of the Queen’s Centre (AKA the ARC – Athletic and Recreation Centre) in Room A-616. To learn more about the lounge see its dedicated tab above.
FYNIRS is a diverse group of students with members hailing from all different faculties and welcomes all, FYNIRS or not. You are not alone in your decision not to live in residence – roughly 10% of the student population makes this choice every year! Our community continues to grow every year and we can never have enough FYNIRS!
We hope you have a positive experience at Queen's University, and that you can depend on the FYNIRS community to help you throughout your years here. We're here to help you FYN-D your way!

Cha Gheill!
FYNIRS Team 2016


  1. My daughter is trying to get accepted ir a student residence in Madrid so i am praying that her dreams will be true, thanks for the information Jennifer

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