Monday, February 6, 2017

DeFYNIRS of the Queen's Community: Maureen Barnes

The 2017 executive team would like to announce a new initiative for the upcoming year, where we recognize an influential member of our community each week. Our first influencer is Maureen Barnes who is one of the directors for Existere XXIII! 

What was the name of your frosh group? 
Frosh: The Next Gen !

How has FYNIRS helped you throughout your time here at Queen’s? 

FYNIRS has helped me feel at home throughout my time at Queen's. Not living in res was tricky at times, but I never felt out of place. It's reassuring knowing FYNIRS will always be there when you need it, or even if you just want to hangout. I'm truly thankful for FYNIRS.

How have you gotten involved in the Queen’s community? 
Queen's has a phenomenal drama department. I've been lucky to have the opportunity to work on several productions, in both an onstage and offstage capacity. In first year, I was in the Queen's Fall Major Production, The House of Martin Guerre. This introduced me to the world of theatre at Queen's. From there, I went on to be a cast member of Existere XXII. Existere was a life-changing experience and I'm beyond grateful to have been one of the first FYNIRS on the Grant Hall stage. This year, I am thrilled to begin working on Existere XXIII as one of the three creative directors. Existere is a wonderful opportunity to show first years what an amazing time being a FYNIR can be. Existere definitely values the FYNIR things in life.

What is one thing that makes you proud to be a FYNIR? 
Being a FYNIR created a feeling of inclusion and acceptance for me in first year. Prior to starting at Queen's, I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy frosh week because I didn't live in res. Little did I know, FYNIRS orientation would create lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories for me. FYNIRs have spirit and enthusiasm like none other. I'm so proud to be part of a group that will dance and chant like no one is watching.

What was your most memorable moment from FYNIRS Orientation Week? 
My most memorable moment from FYNIRS O-Week was the boat cruise. I met one of my bestest friends on this cruise (shoutout to Nolan Hunter) and for that I am truly grateful.

What's one thing about FYNIRS you'd like other people to know? 
Just because we don't live in res, doesn't mean we aren't a part of the Queen's Community! FYNIRS are incredibly involved at Queen's. Art-Sci, Commerce, Engineering, Nursing, Music, Con-Ed, Comp-Sci, Fine Arts, Phe/Kin...there are FYNIRS in absolutely every program. FYNIRS are incredibly enthusiastic Gaels, we are proud of who we are.

Maureen is definitely an influential member of our community, having experienced so much at Queen's while only being in second year. The 2017 executive team wishes her all the best and hopes the upcoming production of Existere XXIII showcases more of the FYNIR things in life! 

Additionally, if you are a first year wanting to get involved in Existere XXIII here is the application, due this Wednesday at 10pm!

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