Monday, March 13, 2017

DeFYNIRS of the Queen's Community: Nazifa Chowdhury

Happy Motivational Monday! Our next DeFYNIR is the lovely Nazifa Chowdhury! Nazifa is a Kingston native, and is currently in 3rd year Applied Economics. Nazifa has gotten involved with OXFAM, Queen’s Best Buddies, and is currently the Finance Director of War Child @ Queen’s, highlighting the diversity of clubs available to students at Queen’s!

How have you gotten involved in the Queen’s community? 
I have gotten involved in the Queen's community through the OXFAM Fair-Trade Snack Bar, Queen's Best Buddies and Finance Director of War Child @ Queen's

What was the name of your frosh group? 
Ice Frosh

What is one thing that makes you proud to be a FYNIR? 
One thing that makes me proud to be a FYNIR is that the FYNIRS community is very strong knit. I have gotten the chance to meet amazing people from all different faculties, as well as make long-lasting connections.

What was your most memorable moment from FYNIRS Orientation Week? 
My most memorable moment from FYNIRS Orientation Week was Frosh Olympics, which was the obstacle course filled with cheer offs and water fights! It was a great way to get to know and get comfortable with other members of my frosh group, and I also got the chance to talk to other frosh members of the FYNIRS community.

How has FYNIRS helped you throughout your time here at Queen’s? 
FYNIRS has helped me throughout my time here at Queen's by introducing me to a group of students who were in the same boat as me. As someone who didn't live in residence first year, I was worried that I would be missing out on some really fun experiences, but FYNIRS Orientation Week was a great way to start off my time here at Queen's!

What's one thing about FYNIRS you'd like other people to know? 
One thing about FYNIRS that I'd like other people to know is that it's a great way to connect with other people who are not living in residence. Even though the FYNIRS community is small in numbers, it is a great group of people that are heavily involved at Queen's!

The FYNIRS Executive team would like to thank Nazifa for sharing her story, which shows us that there really is something for everyone here at Queen’s! We encourage FYNIRS to continue to seek opportunities to get involved in both the Queen’s and Kingston communities!


Do you know a FYNIR who is deserving of some recognition for their involvement in the Queen’s community? Nominate them for an interview here:

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