Monday, March 20, 2017

DeFYNIRS of the Queen's Community: Priya MacVicar

Happy Motivational Monday!

From Events Executive 2016 to Mall Santa, our next DeFYNIR of the Queen’s Community is Priya MacVicar! Priya was an integral part of the 2016 FYNIRS Events Team and now is preparing for her role as Residence Don for the 2017-2018 school year. Apart from FYNRIS Priya has been involved as a homecoming volunteer, a reading buddy for Read for Fun and many more other Queen’s initiatives. Priya shows that although you don’t need to come from FYNIRS, you can certainly still become involved and have an impact!

How have you gotten involved in the Queen’s community? 
Within FYNIRS I have been an orientation leader as well as an events executive. I have also been a reading buddy for Read for Fun, a Housing Resource Centre officer, and a homecoming volunteer. I like to keep myself busy and Queen's has so many amazing opportunities to get involved!

What was the name of your frosh group? 
I was adopted into FYNIRS so I don't have a frosh group! But as a landlord my frosh group was Frosh the Next Gen (shout out to my marvelous co-landlords Claire and Marcus!).

What is one thing that makes you proud to be a FYNIR? 
One thing that makes me incredibly proud to be a FYNIR is how accepting and supportive our community is! At first I felt like a complete outsider and I was scared I wouldn't make any friends. My fears were immediately put to rest as I was welcomed with open arms. I have met such amazing people from all over Canada and from every faculty. Some of my most treasured friendships grew out of invitations to play videogames or watch movies in the FYNIRS lounge.

What was your most memorable moment from FYNIRS Orientation Week?
My most memorable moment from FYNIRS Orientation Week has to be the sponge/water fight after Frosh Olympics. We separated first-years and landlords on opposite teams only to realize landlords were outnumbered about 3 to 1. Nothing can compare to a hundred screaming frosh running at you with wet sponges! I had never laughed so hard in my life.

How has FYNIRS helped you throughout your time here at Queen’s? 
FYNIRS has allowed me to meet some of my best friends. I couldn't imagine my life without these special people.

What's one thing about FYNIRS you'd like other people to know?
We are a strong and vibrant part of Queen's. FYNIRS are hardworking, passionate, and tenacious. This community is made of diverse and amazing people involved across campus in sports teams, clubs, and executive positions. We are not limited in any way.

The 2017 FYNIRS Team would like to wish Priya good luck in her new role as Residence Don 2017-2018, as well as thank her for all the work she’s done within the FYNIRS community. Her dedication to our community shows that no matter if you were from residence or were a FYNIRS in your first year, you can still be involved as long as you put your mind to it.

Do you know a FYNIR who is deserving of some recognition for their involvement in the Queen’s community? Nominate them for an interview here:


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